Based on technology, scientific evidence and best-in-class partners we are dedicated to improve health and quality of life.

We aim to develop new medical treatment methods for pain, muscle and nerve related conditions. 
Louise Mohn
CEO, founder and owner


New medical treatments to:

  • Enhance rehabilitation

  • Reduce need for pain medications

  • Prevent or delay deterioration in mobility

  • Alleviate neurological conditions with more effective treatments

who we are
MedTech entrepreneurs
dedicated to improving health and quality of life
Innovator ─ Accelerator ─ Distributor


We aim to disrupt medical treatment methods in close collaboration with medical experts, care providers, universities, research institutes and industry partners

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Louise Mohn is the founder, single shareholder and CEO of Luzmon Medical

Mohn was inspired and is relentlessly dedicated to provide her own contribution to the medical field after 30 years of experience with electrotherapy treatments and empirical knowledge

Her experience is backed up by evidence based research and scientific data, creating the foundation and integrity for Luzmon Medical

WHAT we believe in
Taking care of people ─ creating value


Louise Mohn
Founder, Owner and CEO
Houtan Houshangi
Head of Business Development
Deputy CEO
David Brown
Head of Technology
Brita Grønn Kolstad
Clinical Support Manager
Jan Erik Nordrehaug
Medical Advisor, Professor Emeritus, MD PhD
America Fernandez
Executive Assistant to Louise Mohn